How simple it would be if you could just visually assemble a web application that can automatically scale up or down in response to traffic conditions? That is exactly how easy ScaleInfra makes it. With a simple and intuitive browser based user interface, ScaleInfra lets you design highly scalable web applications.

ScaleInfra's automation is done by cleanly defining Appliances, CloudScripts and Events. Appliances are virtual servers that can serve a purpose, like a MySQL database or a Ruby on Rails based application server or an HAProxy based load balancer. There are various events, defined by the system. These events can be specified by the user to be monitored and based on when they reach a particular threshold value, a chain of actions can be executed to perform a wide range of tasks. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. For example, on a new PHP appliance's "came alive" event, you can configure the script to Add Application Server IPs to HAProxy Load Balancer and make it aware of the new server presence.


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