Web application scaling is a very important service that many organizations require, to meet demand during high traffic and to keep costs optimized when traffic is less. ScaleInfra lets you provide these services on your privately built cloud. By providing auto-scalability, automation, high availability and monitoring to web applications, you add much more value to your services portfolio than just plain Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

ScaleInfra lets users build auto scalable and highly available web applications by visually constructing them using a intuitive, simple to use browser based interface. Using appliances and CloudScripts, users can automate a variety of tasks at the click of a button. ScaleInfra provides the most commonly used technologies as appliances and some CloudScripts to automate the most common tasks, including automatically scaling up or down in response to traffic, starting MySQL real-time replication, etc.

ScaleInfra supports on-demand, hourly billing letting you provide the real advantage of the cloud to your customers. They are charged only for the resource they use. They can use ScaleInfra's ElasticArray modules to build their applications: ElasticArrays scale up and down in response to traffic. ElasticArrays save money by shutting down unnecessary virtual appliances when there is less load and by starting more instances as load increases.


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