Software Appliances and CloudScripts

While the most commonly used load balancers, application servers and database server appliances are provided by ScaleInfra, it is not too difficult to create new ones either. Appliances start as a base template based on a particular Linux distribution and are configured by CloudScripts to install packages and tweak settings. CloudScripts can be developed in any language. Various Script Variables can also be passed to CloudScripts. Variables can also assume special meanings with support for complex expressions that are context aware.

Single click auto scaling

While you can setup various events and tweak thresholds, you can simply have an application server automatically scale up and down depending on load conditions with a single click. The application is made elastic with sane defaults, but nothing stops you from tweaking various parameters to suit your particular application.

High Availability with ServiceEnsure

When running on Public or Private clouds, loss of compute nodes where the virtual machines run is a certainty. In that case, ScaleInfra can monitor and re-instantiate appliances if the user has configured the “ServiceEnsure†option. Depending on the function of the appliance in question, this can mean there might be a service disruption, but not for long. Typically, in a few minutes, the appliance will be re-instantiated, setup and brought back to service.

True On-demand System

ScaleInfra enables you to provide a truly on-demand billing solution on your own private cloud. With a minimum resolution of 1 hour, it is enough for most applications. Along with K7 Computing's CloudCart, you have billing automation from day one. On-demand systems enable your clients to start out with minimal cost and let them pay as and when they use resources. This enables them to make infrastructure costs a small fraction of their budget, a very important factor for growing businesses and startups.


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