To have a good virtualization strategy is to think about not only the system virtualization, but to also think about storage and network virtualization. Without all these elements, any virtualization strategy is essentially incomplete. StackIron is a virtualization technology agnostic virtualization management platform that lets you roll out virtualization in your organization or data center and also has all the features that lets you run an on-demand, pay-as-you-go Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) business.

StackIron is able to manage multiple clusters of physical servers that are powered by different virtualization technologies. StackIron supports container based virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, Paravirtual virtualization technologies like Xen and also Full system based virtualization technologies like Xen HVM. Support for KVM is on its way.

Across all these diverse virtualization technologies, StackIron makes available storage and network virtualization. Much more than infrastructure virtualization, StackIron also provides enterprise features like VMBalance, HotMigrate, ServiceEnsure and VMEvict. These features simplify virtualization management by adding value to your virtual infrastructure.


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