Cyclozzo is not just a web hosting product. It is a Platform that makes it very simple to run highly available and scalable web applications without hitting performance problems. And while doing so, it makes the life of the developers easy. Cyclozzo provides a very flexible API available for different, supported languages that makes it possible to develop web applications that scale well and are highly available. The API is the interface to the Cyclozzo platform as far as the application is concerned. There are some very simple rules to follow and when the application is hosted on the platform, it gains some amazing capabilities, which would have been very difficult to achieve otherwise.

Cyclozzo is much more than just the API supporting several languages. It is a complete system where workloads are managed from the physical infrastructure to the application level. From the Cyclozzo Admin Panel you can administer and monitor your physical infrastructure, look at application loads or manage users. Cyclozzo also continuously monitors applications and scales them up or down as necessary. And, applications can define maximum resource budgets too. Cyclozzo will take them into account.

All it takes is a bunch of physical servers. Once Cyclozzo is installed, it will form a cluster of cooperating systems that will make it possible to run multiple highly available and highly scalable web applications. Cyclozzo does not use virtualization. This results in excellent performance. Cyclozzo is based on a fully multi-tenant architecture. It can host several web application in a way that one does not affect the other and also in such a way that one cannot access the other's resources.


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