A fresh approach to Cloud Computing, Platform as a Service(PaaS), avoids the pitfalls of current software technologies that directly affect web application scalability. Providing amazing scalability maybe Cyclozzo's forte, but it does not compromise on other factors that make it easy for you to run a business with it. Cyclozzo is a state of the art implementation of a Platform as a Service that lets you provide PaaS services on your private cloud. With astounding ease of management, Cyclozzo simplifies complex tasks and Cloud enables you in matter of hours.

The Cyclozzo platform lets users create almost infinitely scalable web applications without having to worry about the infrastructure. Cyclozzo works hard behind the scenes to make sure that web applications scale up and down seamlessly at the right time depending on traffic conditions. All the users need to do is be compliant with Cyclozzo's SDK, which is, 100% compatible with Google's App EngineTM. There is support currently for Python and Java with support for other languages on the way.


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