• PaaS built on a rock solid and standard SDK
  • GAE SDK compatibility
  • Secure sandbox environment
  • Isolated Private Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud with or without Virtualization
  • Web Console for Cloud and Application Management
  • PaaS built on a SDK, which is designed from ground up to be scalable
  • NoSQL approach for true scalability
  • Private or Public Cloud in minutes
  • Billing Software integrated for true on demand billing



  • No vendor lock-in
  • Create totally Secure Private and Public Cloud Platform
  • Build applications using SDK which is designed from ground up to be scalable
  • Build Cloud in your own backyard
  • Manage SDLC of your application through our management console
  • Cloud with or without Virtualization
  • Web Console to manage your cloud and sell your cloud offering
  • Private or Public Cloud Platform in minutes
  • True on demand billing for flexibility



Private Cloud

Leverage the true potential of your environment by offering your clients a true PaaS. Deployment of PaaS also presents new upselling opportunities to existing customers on dedicated hosting plans.

Scale for Martians

The second main audience for Cyclozzo are organizations with web applications that bring in huge traffic and are growing in a rapid pace or the ones who are expected to grow.


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